Geometry Dash Word

Are you looking for a great action game series? Come to our Geometry Dash World will make you satisfied.

It is a 2D platform, the task of the player is to control the small square moving forward to go through dark caves and sharp obstacles without stopping, so what you have to do is jump at the right time to avoid various obstacles. That said, you need to measure these moves to the last millimeter or it will go against something and you have to start over again.

Coming to the game you will have full of dangerous adventures to explore it! The controls are quite comfortable and intuitive, the only thing you need is good reflexes. Get to the bottom of the bonus level scattered all over the screen and try to set the highest score ever known! When proceeds from the game, you will be able to unlock new characters and change their appearance to your liking.

This game has extremely colorful graphics, character designs and a lovely, beautiful environment. Beside, the soundtrack, cheerful and add to the excitement of the player promises a thrilling game!

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3.38/ 5    8 ratings

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