Geometry Dash Lite

Right now you can complete all levels of this interesting Geometry Dash Lite game. The game has a total of twenty levels. Of these twenty levels, you can play any level from the beginning. The first level is decorated very simply but as an advance, the game becomes more difficult in part because the decorations are distracting and blink, rotate, pulse and sometimes even stealth. obstacles and some background elements.

Players can play in two different modes: normal mode and two-player mode. In normal mode, each touch screen moves both icons while in the two-player mode, touches the left or the touch screen interacts with the first icon and touches the right side of the screen. interact with the second symbol of Geometry Dash.

This game is easy to get, learn and play. There are so many different levels that you do not feel bored. If you like the challenge surely you will conquer this game.

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3.38/ 5    13 ratings

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